EcoVapor Recovery Systems

ERS vapor recovery unit (VRU) on location in Weld County, Colorado.  ERS units are also capable of operating in warm weather.


EcoVapor Recovery Systems (ERS) designs, engineers and provides oil and gas producers an innovative, reliable solution to control flash gas emissions from oil tanks. By doing so, production and revenues from this rich hydrocarbon gas source are generated, emissions are reduced, and EPA requirements are easily met. Field safety is also enhanced.

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ERS units use solar panels to charge batteries on location.  They communicate remotely with ERS employees and operators.

Emission Control

Light hydrocarbon vapors are a natural result of the crude oil separation process. In the storage tank, light hydrocarbons dissolved in crude oil vaporize or flash out, collecting between the liquid and the roof of the tank. During peak production, flash gas generated by oil production can create tank pressures that exceed the design of the system, causing emissions which violate recent Quad 0 regulations. Often, oxygen may contaminate the gas in the storage tanks making it unfit for sale. EcoVapor Recovery Systems capture fugitive gas vapors and actively remove oxygen through its patent pending ERS Unit, converting vapors into revenue and essentially eliminating venting or flaring of the gases.

Manage oil tank vapor emissions

Storage tank vapor emissions are primarily comprised of heavier hydrocarbons that can carry roughly triple the heating value (measured in BTU, British Thermal Unit) content when compared to traditional natural gas.

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This means tank vapors are worth up to five times natural gas sales on a volumetric basis, with the extractable natural gas liquids adding further value. EcoVapor Recovery Systems economically capture fugitive gas emissions, converting a regulatory liability into a financial asset.

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