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Oxygen Control

Oxygen regularly contaminates the gas in the storage tanks making it unfit for sale. ERS systems capture fugitive gas vapors and remove oxygen through its patent pending process guaranteeing that recovered gas meets pipeline oxygen specifications. Compliance with midstream pipeline specifications, and the threat of a shut-in production location, are no longer a concern.

Regulatory Compliance

During peak production, flash gas generated by oil production can create tank pressures that exceed the design of the system, causing emission events which violate recent EPA OOOO regulations. EPA’s recently announced National Enforcement Initiative specifically focuses on VOC emissions for oil storage tanks. They are monitoring well site emissions with airborne and land based detection systems. ERS systems process the tank gas to help comply with VOC regulations.

Tank Pressure Control

Light hydrocarbon vapors are a natural result of the crude oil separation process. In the storage tank, gases dissolved in crude oil vaporize or flash out, collecting between the liquid and the roof of the tank. Build-up of this gas pressure creates a safety hazard for oil haulers and pumpers. ERS systems pull gas off the tanks helping to manage tank pressures at safe operating pressures mutually determined between EcoVapor and the customer.